Cardi B No Show At Stripper Beat Down Case Court Date.

Okkurrrrr. Or should we say not okuuurrrr. Remember a few months back when Cardi B’s squad showed up to a strip club in NYC, and beat up two bartenders who allegedly was sleeping with her husband Offset from “The Migos” . Well the barmaids  Jade and Baddie G pressed charges, and the “Invasion of Privacy”  Cardi B was scheduled to appear in court on Monday, but she was a no show. Cardi B’s legal team did show up to court , and requested an extension. Despite the judge already issued her a 6 week extension she did not show, and a new court date has been scheduled Friday, Dec. 7th. 

Cardi B outside of court following the incident. 

According to Cardi’s legal team they can’t get in touch with her, and she couldn’t attend court due to prior commitments.  If Cardi doesn’t show up the judge will issue a bench warrant for her arrest. The judge is not playing with Bardi, OKURRRRRR!

The girls who were allegedly beaten up by Cardi’s crew apparently got their ass whooped during the attack. Jade says the Bronx rapper had been coming at her for months because of what Cardi heard in the streets. Cardi was tight allegedly that Jade was busting it wide open for her husband Offset  (allegedly).

Now what does Nicki Minaj have to do with this? Nicki and Cardi B have been beefing for a lil minute now. Even though they squad the beef and went vegan Nicki Minaj hired Jade and Baddie G to be in her ass shaking video “Good Form”. Well that was shady of Nicki . In the hood we call these two girls rats, but ok. #rappedout.

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