Travis Scott Blasts Alleged Photo of Him Cheating.

travis scott, kylie jenner

“Sicko Mode” Travis Scott is currently touring and living his best life with his baby mama Kylie Jenner. Parents to baby girl Storm the two seem like the power couple of 2018. Kylie even came on stage during his sold out show in Madison Square Garden in New York. But this new picture of what looks to be Travis Scott standing on a balcony cuddling up with a thick ass brown skin baddie.

Ass Phat tho . Damn Travis Scott.

Know it’s unclear as to when the pic was taken, but in the pic the “Astro World” look alike rapper has blonde braids in his hair. Travis Scott had blonde plats in his hair back in September. 

Welp Kylie must have seen it, and sent him a “have a nice life” text because he took to his Instagram account (of course) , and told the world about his”wife” Kylie cosmetics Kylie Jenner.

 photo travischeat2.png

 Travis  is celebrating his No. 1 album and his new No. 1 single “Sicko Mode” featuring Drake.

 photo travischeat3.png

So TMZ God now Travis orrrrrrrrr ,never mind I’m rapped out. Don’t matter if they posted was it you or naw?

Anyway Kylie seems unbothered because she posted on her Insta story this pic

 photo travischeat4.png

We stan a loyal baby mama. This isn’t the only Travis Scott drama. Ariana Grande’s fans are beyond mad at the Astro World rapper. He knocked Ariana Grande’s “Sweetner” album out of the top spot. Her  fans are accusing him of cheating (again…….allegedly of course ) by lowering the price of his album to 69 cent and bundling it with a single and other things.

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