Maury Steps Into Alexis Skyy Fetty Wap, Solo Lucci DNA Drama.

Alexa call Maury! Last night Love and Hip Hop revealed how Fetty Wap was hesitant to claim Alexis Skyy’s daughter. This isnt the first time Fetty Wap denied a child. His daughter Khari Barbie with former Love and Hip Hop Los Angeles Masika was proven to be his after all their DNA drama. 

Alexis Skyy ,Vh1 star was also messing around with some dude I never heard of with blonde hair named Solo Lucci. Ladies stop messing with men who need to borrow your hair care products. Any way Maury the king of DNA just had to send leave his 2 cents in the comment section of @theshaderoom’s instagram .

To get you all caught up on this rapper sperm drama. Alexis Skyy had been dating Fetty Wap for a lil minute, but he cheated on her on her birthday with his 1000th baby mama Masika. Masika got pregnant, so you know Alexis Skyy had to pop one out for the culture or the check…either one. 

Alexis daughter was born premature due to complications during her pregnancy. Her daughter was in the NICU for quite some time, and of course the internet had to criticize her for posting twerking videos while her daughter was in the hospital.   

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