Jacquees Says Ella Mai Still “Tripping”.

Tripping,  Jacquees

Jacquees aka Quavo hit up “The Breakfast Club” to talk about the Ella Mai “Trip” remix he did. Jacquees says the UK singer, Ella Mai hasn’t talked to him since he remixed her song, and got a better response. Dj Mustard her label head sent Jacquees a cease and stop the b.s. order, so Jacquees couldn’t monetize the song. According to Jacquees he wasn’t trying to monetize off of the Ella Mai “Tripping” song. He says he put it on his Soundcloud, and the director of the video to his “Tripping” remix put it on his Youtube. 

“I dropped it on my Soundcloud. And the director who shot the [remix’s] video, he dropped it on his YouTube; and, of course, when you drop it on YouTube, that’s how you monetize… But it’s all good […] Mustard should’ve put it together, bruh. I mean, of course, they had their own success, but the fans, the people, they wanted it.”

Yeah ok Quavo or Jacquees. Any way he told “The Breakfast Club” that she actually dug the Quemix:

 “I remember I put it out and Ella Mai commented under it. She put all the fire [emojis] up under the sh*t,” he told them.

But then you made a whole video to the song bruh. #rappedout

“Shout out to [Ella Mai]. ‘Cause her really my homie,” he said. “I ain’t talk to her since all that shit happened.

“We was friends, we still friends, you know what I’m sayin’? I ain’t gon’ say was, because I’m a real n*gga… That’s still my dawg. And I understand she a female and I understand that she’s surrounded by a bunch of n*ggas.”H

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