Offset Alleged Side Chick Summer Bunni Begs for Cardi B’s Forgiveness

cardi B , offset, cuban doll

Offset’s alleged side chick Summer Bunni took to social media to vent, and cry about how she didn’t mean to end Cardi B’s marriage. Girl please. According to this side chick Summer Bummy…I mean Bunni she hasn’t slept with Offset since July when their beautiful daughter Kulture was born.

Slummy Bunni… I mean Summer Bunni wants Cardi B to know she is a “genuine person”, but yet she is fake crying. Then she gives advice to Cardi B about how ” she hopes she can focus on her love for Offset”. Summer Bunni then goes in on saying how she “didn’t know how serious the marriage was”. Bruh. Wheettttttt?

Offset wanted to have a 3some with Cuban Doll and Summer Bunni. The texts were leaked, and Cardi then announced their break up. Some fans think this is a PR stunt since Offset has his album dropping Nov.14th, and Cardi is featured on his track “You Won”. Offset commented “You won” on her video about their breakup. Well what did we win Offset? You cheated, not us . But ok. 

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My heart ❤️

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Cardi B then blessed our timeline with the first public pic of her daughter Kulture. Offset and Cardi B agreed to keep her out the limelight for safety reasons, but despite his requests she posted the pic.

Welp Offset the next 18 years finna be a breeze.


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