Chief Keef 43 Year Old Baby Mom Wants Him Locked Up.

'Lord Of The Freaks' premiere

Everybody doesn’t love Sosa. Chief Keef’s 43 year old baby mama says he hasn’t paid one “faneto” dime for his 5 years old daughter.  43 year-old Erica Early has a daughter with 23 year old Keef, named Kimora Cozart, who was born in 2013. Erica says she doesn’t want the rears money, but she does want Sosa locked up.

Chief Keef was ordered by the judge back in 2013 to pay $2500 a month in child support. A judge also issued a warrant for Keef back in 2014 after he didn’t pay up. That bond was set at $10,000 but Chief Keef paid the bill. That was  the last time he’s paid any support for their kid. 

Keef has four baby mamas and four kids. December 14th is the next hearing. Ladies choose wisely. #rappedout

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