Cuban Doll Says She Talked To Cardi B &Does NOT Know Offset.

The 7th Annual ICM x Cantu Official SXSW Showcase Presented by Bumble
Cuban Doll, 

Cuban Doll , the 20 year old rapper says she has nothing to do with the break up of Cardi B and Offset. Cuban Doll’s former friend Summer Bunni came out after another friend ( too many clout chasers to name chile) came out and exposed everyone. Cuban Doll says Cardi B hit her up , and they cleared any rumors up. Cuban Doll is NOT with the shits.  Cuban Doll caught up with and aired it out.

As we previously reported  Offset tried to hook up a threesome with Summer Bunni and Cuban Doll. The leaked text messages between Offset from The Migos , and Summer Bunni show Offset asking her to tell Cuban Doll he wants her to join along for the fun. Cuban Doll says she’s never spoken to or met the Migos rapper. “I don’t know him. I never spoke to him. I never had no conversation with him,” she insists. “I’m just caught in the middle.”

Cuban says she sees right through the b.s. “It’s all based off her trying to get clout. It’s a bunch of clout chasing stuff,” she said. “Me and her have been fell out. We’re no longer friends.”

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