#RappedoutShawty Viral Professor W/ A Donk Who Has Broke The Internet.

Nerissa Reaves, teaches at a community college in New Orleans and she records her lessons on Instagram live, but most aren’t tuned into learn. Nerissa who goes by the @honeyloaf on Instagram is an educator and a published booty model. She’s been in Smooth Mag, Show Mag, and The Migos video ” Look At My Dab”. 

People online of course have something to say about her tight fighting clothes she wears to work. Reaves says she can’t help her clothes fit tight, and enjoys wearing jeans and heels to work. I could care either way. Her ass is fat ( real or not don’t care to know), she’s pretty, and she’s no dummy. But lets be real from one thick chick to another sis we know what we doing.  Alot of her pics on her Instagram is her showing off her cakes, so I’m pretty sure she knows . Plus her “jeans” are more like leggings, but I’m sure if her employer had a problem with it she be fired. Let the lady live.

Check out her pics below:

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