Queen Naija Getting Sued By Pastor John P. Lee For Stealing His Melody.


Youtube star and R&B singer Queen Naija is being sued by gospel singer Pastor John P. Lee for allegedly stealing the melody of his song “Life & Favor”, and used it for Queen Naija’s hit song “Karma”. Now talks of her song “Karma” having the same melody on Youtube since the song was released. Recently a fan tweeted Pastor Joh P. Lee trying to bring to his attention the rumors about Queen using the same melody.  #rappedout

he hype

Queen Naija the “Medicine” should have taken a chill pill because of course she hopped on Twitter and tweeted how Pastor John P. Lee was a fake Christian, and he needed to go sit down and preach the word. Peep the tweets below.

Now “The Royalty Squad” Queen Naija’s fans have been coming at the Pastor’s neck in his instagram comments. The pastor said all he wants is $10 to shop at Walmart. #rappedout.

Now tell us in the comments if you think the former wife of Chris Sails Queen Naija stole Pastor John P. Lee’s song. Will “Karma” come around for the Queen?

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