More Kevin Harts Jokes About Dark Skin Women & LGQBT After Apology.

Welp Kevin Hart is feeling smaller and smaller because the gays did not come to play with the Philladelphia born comedian Kevin Hart. Once it was announced that Kevin Hart was set to host the 2018 Oscars all hell broke lose. Old seemingly homophobic tweets surfaced where Kevin jokes about how he would “break a doll house over his son’s head” if he came  out to Kevin as gay.’

At first Kevin refused to apologize because he said he has addressed this topic on several occasions, but the Oscar academy was not having it. So Kevin Hart issued an “apology”, but still lost the hosting gig because people did not feel like it was genuine. Also as you can imagine their a-lot of LGQBT members in Hollywood in higher places than Kevin Hart (no shade).   

Also Kevin has mentioned that he wouldn’t tell or post homophobic jokes because he doesn’t want to hear it out of anyone who may be offended , but not because it’s just in bad taste to do.

In this 2014 Kevin Hart says he doesn’t make gay jokes but kokes about dark toned women because the gays can end your career. #rappedout

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