Jay-Z Forces American Arbitration Association To Admit Lack In Black Arbitrators.

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JAY-Z and Iconix are engaged in legal proceedings over the Roc Nation logo. Iconix paid $204 million for Rocawear in 2007 , and claims that some of Roc Nation’s intellectual property, such as the logo, were part of the deal.  Jay-Z had put in a motion to stop arbitration after noting that the representation of African American arbitrators. 

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Hov withdrew his motion to stop the arbitration after receiving a commitment to diversity from the American Arbitration Association.

“While the information AAA provided has confirmed that AAA lacks an appreciable number of minority (and particularly, African-American) arbitrators, AAA has indicated an openness both to an arbitrator selection process in this Arbitration that will allow for meaningful consideration of African-American arbitrators and to broader remedial measures intended to improve the diversity of the arbitrator roster for future arbitrations,” JAY-Z’s lawyers Alex Spiro wrote in a letter.

After Roc Nation released a line of New Era caps in partnership with Major League Baseball, Iconix put in a suit which also prompted a countersuit from Roc Nation. The case was scheduled to go to arbitration , but then JAY-Z’s attorney argued that his client was only provided with three potential black arbitrators, one of which had a conflict of interest with Iconix.

Iconix accused  Roc Nation’s complaint  as a “charade,” a New York judge granted JAY-Z’s motion for a temporary restraining order and put a halt to the case.

Now that Jay has withdrawn the motion, the judge has scheduled a status conference in the case for March 2019.

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