Dame Dash Gets Checked Over Jew Comments

Dame Dash Admits Steve Rifkind Checked Him Over Jewish Comments Dame Dash had somethings to get off of his chest during his Christmas celebrations. Dame was seemingly upset about a Breakfast Club interview where he acts as if he doesn’t know who Dame Dash is. Even though he worked with Dame during the Roc-A-Fella take over Cohen claimed he didn’t know him. Watch below: “Who’s Dame Dash?” the former Def Jam head honcho asked. “I don’t even know him. You’re bringing his name up, I don’t even know him.” Dame responded by calling Cohen a culture vulture in interviews and social media posts. In August, he appeared on The Joe Budden Podcast to declare he “wants the smoke with Lyor.” https://www.instagram.com/p/Br1KQ6Lnsz8/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link In his first post, Dame posted a video of Louis Farrakhan discussing how white people in the industry( Jewish ones ) exploit black artists. He used the clip to address his anger with Cohen, who Dame has labeled ” culture vulture”. “@louisfarrakhan has been warning about this person for years,” he wrote. “I’m not gonna stop till #liarcohen the culture vulture of this generation quits @youtubemusic or gives me a fair one …I don’t care what #careercoon tries to defend him #ceobeef #doitfortheculture liar never send someone from my culture to do your dirty work… “I’m calling you out.. holla at me merry Xmas #staytuned and no disrespect to any body Jewish this dude doesn’t reflect a whole culture just the Jewish culture vultures just wanna be clear this is not a black or white thing it’s a mentality thing the black culture vultures are worst the then the white ones.” According to Dame, Loud and SRC Records founder Steve Rifkind checked the Hip Hop mogul for the comments. Dame shared their text message exchange and clarified what he meant. https://www.instagram.com/p/Br1OaC6nqqN/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link “My Jewish brother @steverifkind checked me real fast cause that’s what men do when there is a misunderstanding,” he wrote. “to be clear the #culturevulture does not represent all Jewish people but all good Jewish people should help get him out of here because he’s giving y’all a bad name…my message is love and self awareness and I’m anti slavery of the mind… “I want piece not war awareness and respect will avoid the war let’s all evolve together #honorablepeoplesticktogther #likemindedpeoplesticktogether no Disrespect ever to good people no matter what color you are …funny shit is I don’t see anybody from #liarcohen culture defending him only #careercoons …go figure.”

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