DJ Akademiks’ Ex-Girlfriend Says He’s A Creepy Cheater.

Bad and Bougie insigator DJ Akademiks’ ex-girlfriend Angelica is airing all the dirty laundry ! Drawls and all. She has made very serious allegations against him. Angelica hit up Instagram Live saying DJ Akademiks’ lied the entire time during their year relationship.

The ex girlfriends live and timing seems suspicious because she is dropping a mixtape sometime I guess. Also she shot a video at DJ Akademiks home recently so. Oh ok. Any way as far as her music NO, I’m not checking for it. But continue on señorita. Rapped out.

She says on her live:

“I’m gonna be brutally honest,” she says. “Yeah, guys. ‘Fuck AK, you deserve better.’ Yep, I do. That’s why I broke up with him. I know that I deserve better because — I’m not trying to be narcissistic because I know what I bring to the table — I’m so good to him, loyal. I’m sweet. I clean. I do his laundry. I cook. I’m everything a man would want in a woman — like how my mom raised me. To be a woman. I broke up with him because I was tired of all the lies and all the tricks.

“The thing that really got me like ‘This man ain’t shit’ is I was in the hospital for a week and he did not visit me or call me. He did not visit me or call me. When I called him and I asked him to pick me up, he didn’t do that. He just stayed at home playing Fortnite. It was that moment where I was like, ‘Yo, I love him so much but at this point, you’re just done at that point.”

Angelica says she’s not a “clout chaser”. She like Meek Mill she a “dream chase”.

“He’s done so much to me,” she says.”If I really go into the detail of our relationship, you guys would be like, ‘Wow.’ For him to sit there and expose me and say I’m broke and I’m living off him, that really hurt my heart. I’ve never been a gold digger.”

Angelica goes on to call the “Everyday Struggle” Host a “monster who gets women drunk, so he can take advantage of the allegedly.

“He has no filter when it comes to the type of woman he likes,” she says. “He will legit fuck anybody. He will fuck everybody raw. There was an incident where this girl hit me up and she was like, ‘Ah I fucked your nigga. Blah blah.’ I was like, ‘What’ up?’ We started talking. I called her … I was like, ‘Did you use a condom?’ She’s like, ‘No.’ Like, how do you not use a condom with a girl that you just met?

“Any girl who’s been around AK will say this too. He will not make a move on you until he gets you drunk. Point blank. Period. He’s going to initiate any type of sexual activity until after you’re drunk. That is just so perv-y to me.”

What do you think? Clout or truth in the pudding?

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