K.Michelle & Cussing Pastor Expose Each Other.


K.Michelle’s former landlord is exposing her after he evicted Kimberly from the $2 million mansion the Love and Hip Hop star was renting. K.Michelle’s former landlord is “the cursing pastor” from her hometown Memphis.

K.Michelle was big mad when she got kicked out, and now she has taken to Instagram to expose the judge’s sexual assault allegations. Pastor Thaddeus Matthews as been accused of drugging and sexually assaulting 3 different women.

Thaddeus Matthews aka cussing Pastor says Kimberly is simply salty because the he recently evicted her from her mansion.

“K.Michelle went on social media and viciously attacked a Memphis Judge with allegations that long been proven as lies. But her reason for attacking the judge is because he ruled against her in an eviction hearing,” said the Pastor.” Michelle was renting a $2 million mansion where she was $70,000 behind in her $10,000 a month rent payments. After being given notice by the landlord to vacate she placed dog food in the attic to attract rodents, she also took Pink paint and painted the very expensive wood work. So that she can’t lie my sources has provided me with her complete eviction jacket.”

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