Love & Hip Hop Miami Recap Episode 1

Love And Hip Hop Miami

The Mona Scott gang is back! Love and Hip Hop Miami is in full swing. Trina, Trick Daddy, Amara La Negra, Gunplay, Miami Tip and more are back with the “reality”tv ratchetness.

Trina is hits up Rico Love’s show , and discusses with him how Slip N Slide Records is literally sliding. Trick Daddy is fluffing his end of the “TNT” collar project and Trina is fed up. On the other hand Trick Daddy feels like her music isn’t living up to his and the fans standards.

The “Take It To The House” duo bang heads at a performance that honors their classic hit. Later “America’s favorite villain” Young Hollywood appears and talks to a now clean (from cocaine) Gunplay who says Amara La Negra’s been in his DMs.

Everyone is accusing Amara La Negra of slinging into the DMs so this shall be interesting to watch. Bobby Lytes and Prince are just friends, but the internet thinks other wise. The first episode previews what is in store for the two buddies. Prince tries to prove to Bobby Lytes ( who is also Trina’s cousin) that he isn’t using him.

Internet starlet Jessica Woo shows us her family side. Her very Haitian mom is not with the whole internet personality business. Haven’t seen much of Jessica before, and to be honest she seems boring. Who do you look forward to seeing on L&HH Miami?

Rapped Out.

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