Dame Dash Doesn’t F**K With R.Kelly “Aaliyah Couldn’t Talk About It, That Dude Was A Bad Man”

R&B singer Aaliyah and hip-hop mogul Damon Dash are on hand

The music business mogul sat down with Kenyatta “The Hip Hop Motivator”, discussing why he never f*cked wit R. Kelly , and it’s all over Aaliyah. Dame claims Aaliyah was so traumatized after her “relationship” with the “Piped Piper” singer that she shut down when talking about Kelly. Dame says, that some of the women on “Surviving R. Kelly” reminded him of Aaliyah when she would talk about the past.

It was superhard for Aaliyah to talk, but she did say that Kelly was a “bad dude.”

At the 10:00 mark, Dame also said he NEVER supported Jay-Z and R. Kelly’s collaborative album “Best Of Both Worlds” after learning about Kelly’s child porn sex tape.

Dame even took his name off the project under Roc-a-fella at the time. Instead, he shared his cut with Aaliyah’s breast cancer organization. Jay-Z didn’t care though and kept on with the project and tour until R.Kelly and him got into a dispute while on tour, and then cancelled the tour.

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