Lil Wayne Looks A Mess At College Football National Championship Halftime Show.

2019 ESPN College Football Playoff Halftime Performance

Lil Wayne and Imaginary Dragons are hit the stage for their College Football National Championship halftime show. Lil Wayne doesn’t do much national tv appearances , so this was this special. So of course Weezy had to get dressed up for the event.

 photo WayneLil2.jpg

The Young Money honcho popped up on stage in a black, white and blue floor length fur coat, paired with black and white scarf, red pants, rhinestone encrusted sunglasses, fingerless gloves and a floppy hat. He then finished the look with a pair of knee high furry boots. So fancy .

Lil Wayne: What should I wear to this college football thing?
Stylist: What if you were both Mary J Blige AND Elton John
Lil Wayne: Bet!— Ari Alexander (@AriA1exander) January 8, 2019

Lil Tunchi fans were up in arms on Twitter tweeting all types of things about the New Orleans Young Money boss. Some were saying he looked like Elton John, and Mary J. Blige. The Grammy Award winning rapper performed his track “Uproar” before joining Imagine Dragons for a verse on their new collaboration “Believer.”

Why does lil Wayne look like when they tried to sneak scooby doo on the airplane— Michael Murphy (@Murphyfoshizzle) January 8, 2019

Now Im feeling the coat but everything else looks mess.

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