R.Kelly Allegedly Creating “Surviving Lies” Website

R. Kelly To Reportedly Launch Website Discrediting His Accusers

R.Kelly secrets have been exposed, and we are sure there are many more waiting to come out, but the accused child predator is adamant that he isn’t guilty of the statutory rape charges, sex cult, and various other things that were brought up on the Lifetime six series called ” Surviving R.Kelly”.

Andrea Kelly, his ex wife and other women who dated R.Kelly talk about the abuse they encountered. His brother even interviewed while in jail , and said that underage girls in Robert’s preference. Yeah ok. Pedophilia isn’t a preference.

According to TMZ, the pervert singer and his yes men are creating a website to lie about the many allegations of sexual misconduct, sexual assault, pedophilia and abuse detailed in the documentary.

The site will reportedly be called SurvivingLies.com, but the address currently directs to a GoDaddy domain page. A page using the “Surviving Lies” name surfaced on Facebook but has since been deleted or removed. While it was still active, the page shared a video attempting to discredit Asante McGee.

R.Kelly tryna sue everybody including Lifetime and the victims.

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