“Age May Be More Than A Number” ATL D.A. Investigating R.Kelly

R. Kelly Reportedly Under Investigation In Georgia Following "Surviving R. Kelly" Documentary

 According to TMZ, the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office has begun a investigation due to allegations made against R. Kelly in the six-part documentary, “Surviving R.Kelly” on Lifetime.

Robert Kelly, the “Age Aint Nothing But A Number” singer’s team have been saying that they are going to sue Lifetime, and everybody else and dey mama since the docu series aired. But know he has bigger fish to fry apparently.

Investigators have reportedly reached out to seven of the women featured in the docu series, including Asante McGee. Asante McGee , allegedly escaped R. Kelly’s home. Now the feds have talking to the attorney for Joycelyn Savage’s ( one of alleged his sex slaves) family.

Savage is going hard for her “Daddy” and saying she is there by choice and not by force. If I was R.Kelly, and wasn’t in the control of women and young girls game I’d probably tell her to kick rocks since her family is out here tripping, but hey thats just me. Seems like a controlling narcissist predator would keep her in his orgy of women just to prove a point. That’s just my lil Dr. Phil opinion.

Investigators are trying get in contact with women involved. The D.A. isn’t commenting as of yet ,but investigators are reportedly being “flooded with calls” after the series aired.

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