R.Kelly Had Cops Called On Him At Birthday Concert Over Fake Warrant.

R.Kelly the man that probably should be laying low in his house of horrors and threesomes was out and about in Chi town as previously reported.  

Someone dropped a dime on R.Kelly and called the cops saying that he was performing and there is a warrant out for his arrest in Georgia. While we speaking things into existence all 2019, a warrant has not been issued as of yet for his arrest. Robert Kelly is currently under investigation as previously reported after the airing of the Lifetime six part documentary series “Surviving R.Kelly”.

Cops stopped by R. Kelly’s birthday celebration at a Chicago nightclub, responding to a call about a warrant for the singer’s arrest.

Kelly was enjoying his last nights of freedom.. I mean birthday at V75 Chicago early Thursday morning when cops say someone called in a tips saying Kelly was there, and had a warrant for his arrest.

Listen to the police dispatcher putting the call out to Chicago PD units.

Via TMZ. COM : Law enforcement confirmed to TMZ they did indeed go to the club and made contact with Kelly — however, once they determined there was NO actual arrest warrant … Kelly was free to go about his business.

R.Kelly let it be known “I don’t give a f**k about what’s going on!!”

Uh yeah we know you’ve been doing this for years. Rappedout.

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