Dame Dash Talks About His R.Kelly,Foxy Brown ,Aaliyah & Jay-Z Dealings.

The GOAT Dame Dash hit Nick Cannon’s “Cannon Class’ and schooled us on everything from the music business to his involvement with R.Kelly.

Dame the former Roc-A-Fella CEO told Nick Cannon how he wanted no parts with R.Kelly, and the Nick Cannon pressed the issues as to why was Dame in the fiesta video he responded on the way the mogul could. Dame kept it bean in my opinion, but his answer to as why was he in the video didn’t cut it for me.

“Did you see me in any scenes with that nigga? NO” Dame Dash told his close friend Nick Cannon from “Wilding Out”. Don’t sleep on Nick Cannon because he was not letting up. “But you were around him” Nick said while throwing his hands in the air. Nick brought up the “Best of Both Worlds” that came out around the time of R.Kelly’s not guilty verdict during his statutory rape case.

Nick also said he saw the tape and implied because the underage girl was developed he saw nothing wrong with it. Rapppppeddd Out. But ok.

Any way Dame was also asked why was he still cool with Harvey Weinstein even though everyone knew he was a creep. Dame said he always hated the dude, and made fun of him every chance he got. Nick also asked about Foxy Brown’s and Jay-z relationship. Foxy was 16 when Jay and Dame signed her, and as Nick Cannon stated everyone assumed he was having sex with her.

Dame responded by saying “Ask Jay” ,and also stated Jay-Z liked Aaliyah and when Jay-Z did “best of Both Worlds” Dame was pissed, and had to look the other way.

Watch the video below Im Rapped Out

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