Chance The Rapper Denounces “Friends” Accused Of Rape, Linked To R.Kelly Alleged 14-Year-Old “Piss On” You Victim .

Minnesota Timberwolves v Chicago Bulls

Chance is back in the “Surving R.Kelly” drama . On Sunday, @pppermint (Joan Harris) shared in very detailed tweets, that shewas a victim of sexual assault at the hands of Chicago rapper Preston Oshita aka Towkio , and on another instance of sexual assault involving Chance The Rapper’s drummer Stix.

Harris says she had no plans of sleeping with Towkio , but after arriving sat his apartment, the musician allegedly pressured her into having sex. Then says he refused to stop after telling him she was pain.

Harris then shared another time where she was allegedly assaulted by Chance The Rapper’s drummer @StixJams aka Gregory Landfair. How about Landfair is the brother to Sparkle’s niece, who has been linked to R. Kelly’s infamous “sex tape.” You know the one he peed on allegedly. Yeah her.

Harris says the Surviving R. Kelly was triggering, having memories of the drummer allegedly assaulting her. Stixx tried to denounce the allegations in a private DM, which Harris shared below.

Chance told social media he isn’t with all that, and denounced his sexual predator friends via Twitter”

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