Soulja Boy Or Man Whatever His Name Is Says He Is Not A “Crack Head”.

WE tv Hosts Exclusive Premiere For Hip Hop Thursdays

So tonight we decided to watch “Marriage Boot Camp ” Hip Hop Edition ” and Soulja Boy or “Soulja Man” as he prefers to go by now is apart of the cast along with his ex Nia Riley. Soulja has been in the spotlight for the last couple of days. Soulja Boy recently was on live saying that “HE HAD THE BIGGEST COME BACK IN 2018! F#CK TYGA!”

Oh that’s how you feel Soulja…..Man? Soulja Boy is definitely the G.O.A.T. of the social media game, and put some respect on his name. He is also a great producer, and entrepreneur. He owns a Subway sandwich shop where he employs man people int he community. He also invests his money, and still can book a show. Te show may be in like tim-buk-tu ,but it’s a show.

With that being said “Nigga what come back”?

With that being said other “fans” has questions of as to why Soulja Boy face is looking a little bit uhhhh…….differenttttt in stuuuucturreeeee.

SB promptly shuts down rumors that started in a tweet that compared a bad angle of him from an Instagram live video, to a photo prior picture of when he was a teenager. From that tweet, folks were throwing around all types of allegations, including that SB was a hardcore Drug Drug addict addict.

First of all, I wanna say for everybody that’s saying Soulja looks like he’s on drugs…Soulja Boy look like he on crack, he on powder: B*TCH don’t play with me like that! I ain’t never did crack in my life, b*tch. I’m a millionaire, I’m worth mother f*cking $30 million n*gga. I never did cocaine in my life. Don’t play with me like that. I just was in a car accident two days ago, I almost lost my life. I hit my face on the dashboard, and my sh*t swole.

I never did crack in my f*cking life. Y’all some p*ssies for saying that.

Well maybe it’s not crack crack but it’s something allegedly.

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