Video: Blac Chyna And Alexis Sky Fought At A Party.

Blac Chyna/Alexis Skyy

This weekend people were passing out fades like they were W2’s. Blac Chyna and Fetty Wap’s baby mom Alexis Sky had a run in at a club in Los Angeles. The Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star said Blac Cyna had actually reached out to her , and told her she wanted to party with her. So when Alexis Sky went to sit in Blac Chyna’s section she was surprised when Blac turned to her and told her to leave. When Alexis didn’t get up fast enough for Rob Kardashian’s baby mom Blac Chyna threw a Red Bull drink in her face.

That’s when Alexis Sky tried to run up on Blac Chyna and Blac casually walked away with a smirk. Blac Chyna booty is looking all types of chopped and screwed out her. It was hanging to the back of her knees dang near.

Sky to to Instagram and said: “I’m not even the type to start a fight,” she wrote on a now-deleted Instagram story post. “She threw a drink at me…@BlacChyna stay off the coke and addys.”

Rob Kardashian threw his two cents in today, and sent Alexis Sky his love when he saw the news that she was tryna run down on the mother of his first born child Dream.

The internet its loving the brawl I saw one comment that said “the ants go marching one by one” in reference to Blac Chyna’s irregular shaped ass. raapedout.

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