Nas Says JAY-Z Knew About R. Kelly’s “Activities” W/ 14 Yr Old Girls In Old Wendy Williams Interview

Nas Claimed JAY-Z Knew About R. Kelly's "Activities" In Resurfaced Wendy Williams Interview

Nas is your rappers favorite rapper for a reason. Back in the day 2002 Nas spoke to Wendy Williams when she was still on the radio, and he held back no punches when discussing R.Kelly and Jay-Z. In the interview Nas insinuates that he and Jay-Z knew about R.Kelly’s predator ways.

“That’s not my style,” he said on Williams’ former 107.5 FM radio show. “I could have showed the R. Kelly video that everybody’s talking about and made fun of it and show pictures of Jay hanging out. You can’t tell me Jay didn’t see a 14-year-old girl come into the studio and sit on R. Kelly’s lap. You gonna tell me he didn’t see no 14-year-old girl come into the vicinity?

“You’ve seen it go down. I’ve been around R. Kelly … I’ve been on tours with him. I didn’t see no 14-year-old, but I talked to the man and see there’s a little problem there. The brother needs help and I pray for him. I’m here for the people. I’m here to talk the truth.”

Surviving R.Kelly the 6 documentary series brought R.Kelly’s alleged illicit behavior around minor girls, and treatment of women. Allegedly using his platform and influence to take advantage of teenage girls.

In the first two episodes, the docu series dove into Kelly’s inappropriate sexual relationship with the late singer Aaliyah, which sparked outrage.

The late singer was only 15 years old at the time of her marriage to the then 27 year old R.Kelly. Jay-Z was mentioned in the latests of talks because of his collaboration with Kelly “Best Of Both Worlds” .

Also Dame Dash hit up Nick Cannon’s show, and Nick brought up Jay-Z and Foxy Brown (16 at the time) relationship. Dame and Jay signed Foxy Brown, and many speculate Jay-Z 27 yrs old was dating Foxy.

back in the day foxy and jay
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