Joe Budden Calls Nadeska & DJ Akademiks “Ugly Trolls” Over Their “Everyday Struggle” Soulja Boy Interview.

Joe Budden, Akademiks, Nadeska

I have to agree with the name of this show “Everyday Struggle” because everyday it’s a struggle to watch these fools talk. Joe Budden went in on his former cast mates on the urban culture show. Soulja Boy had hit up the “Everyday Struggle” which is owned by Complex, and was ridiculed for having “so many business “.

In his latest podcast episode, Joe said he thinks “Every Day Struggle” just exists to be in a “marketplace”, does NOT contribute anything to the urban culture. Joe then brands DJ Akademiks and Nadeska as the “ugly trolls” who are hired to perpetuate the culture at Complex behind their branded “hip-hop show”.

Joe Budden was rapped out when Nadeska said “we support Black businesses up here.”

Joe,recalled from his own experiences at Complex ,and said “Complex has laid off countless Black talent “. Also that Rich Antonielloe (CEO of Complex Media) said to him verbatim that he has a “hard time selling ads on a show with Black people”…

My question is does any millionaire have one of anything, and why is it that when a white man had multiple streams of income he is a genius. But when a black man does it he is labeled a scammer?

Peep the interview below:

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