Check Out The Soulja Boy Video Console, Phone,Ear Pods & More!

Image result for soulja boy game console

Soulja Boy’s latest investment in the technology world did not come without a lot of raised eyebrows. From what I gather in the reviews (where you tubers buy his products with their own money, and tell the pros and cons of his products)`Soulja Boy is drop shipping these products.

So they are basically coming straight from China , probably an Ali Express vendor, and the box just says his name. One reviewer mentioned that when he went to “chat” with customer shrive in the support box it took him directly to Soulja Boy’s FaceBook messenger.

Soulja Boy’s items also come with that shady “don’t leave a bad review contact us first ” blah blah blah cards that Ali Express vendors always send out with their products. There were some good things said along with questionable. Also every time you put in it redirects you to Nintendo which is the ultimate slap from the gaming powerhouse.

The SouljaGame console retails for $199.99, but you can cop them on sale for $149.99. Meanwhile, the SouljaGame Handheld is $149.99 but is on sale for $99.99.

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