R.Kelly’s Alleged Sex Slave Joycelyn Savage’s Father Sends Her A Message In New Interview!

Lisa Van Allen, who was involved with the singer R. Kelly.
Joycelyn Savage’s Father And Mother

Allegedly these are the two parents that took their daughters to an R. Kelly concert. Then backstage to meet him in person.

The parents then allegedly made a deal with Kelly to allow him to house their daughters, so that he could, um, “educate them musically”. Rapped Out.

These two clout chasing old-heads in my opinion knew better than anyone else, the rumors about this man. I guess when the $$$$ ran out, they went to the press. It doesn’t take any blame off of Robert because he is a grown man who has a brain. BUT they willing allegedly of course, agreed to this.

Now they want her back! For what a book deal? No in all honesty I think they regret introducing her to him, and wish they had he back with them.

According to Bossip.com”:

Tim Savage has revealed to DailyMailTV how his teenage daughter looked like a ‘prisoner’ during their disturbing last encounter more than two years ago. In recent footage of the young lady walking around in Chicago, she appears to have undergone more changes. Her hair is short and she is rocking baggy clothes. Tim just want to talk to Joycelyn, but he says R. Kelly is making this impossible.

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