Drake Set To Make New Music With Soulja Boy! Drakkeeeeeee?

Draco and Aubrey

Little do people know Drake and Soulja Boy have been friends or associates for a minute. Which is why he says he taught him everything he knows.

During the infamous Breakfast Club interview earlier this month Soulja Boy let the world in on how Drake stole his flow on his hit “Miss Me” from Soulja Boy’s song “What”s Hanneinnn”. But Soulja actually stole that song from the late Shawty Lo.

Drake recently followed Soulja Boy on Instagram and the social media world went brazzy. Well word is Drizzy and Draco are in the stu collating as we speak…..again. If you didn’t know Soulja Boy is also a producer, and has made a couple hits for Young Money stars Drake, and Nicki Minaj.

The last Drake and Soulja Boy collar was “We Made It”. Soulja boy is on the hook and made the beat.

Well someone messaged Drake about Draco and this is what he had to say:

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