Soulja Boy Parody On “SNL” Has The Internet Rolling + Meek Mill Performed.

"SNL" Clowns Soulja Boy's Breakfast Club Interview & Twitter Is Here For It

“Mariooooooo” Soulja Boy’s Breakfast Club interview may have had one of the biggest impacts on his career next to “Crank Dat”, and Myspace. The rapper and entrepreneur became the bid during a SNL skit, and the internet was here for it.

The Soulja Boy actor  Redd’s had Soulja’s style down to the T. He even had on the Gucci headband Soulja wore (and keeps wearing) in the original interview. They mocked his Soulja Console as well which you can check out here.

Meek Mill also was on the show and although they didn’t feature him in any skits which would have been dope he brought along Fabolous to perform tracks of his album “Championships” which went Gold this weekend.

Meek Mill and Fabolous

Meek Mill went from sitting in a jail cell this time last year to rocking the SNL stage. Now that’s a champ.

Rapped Out.

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