B.Smith’s Husband Of 26 Yrs Moves In His White Mistress While She Battles Alzheimer’s

B. Smith and her family grapple with Alzheimer's.

Lifestyle guru B.Smith was a powerful Black woman in the media, and was donned the Black Martha Stewart back in the day (even though they were both the same age, but ok). Once B.Smith was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s her empire came to a hault.

Her husband Dan Gasby stuck by her side, but not by himself.

Dan says to the Washington Post that his and Alex’s relationship happened gradually after she gave him her number at a bar in the Hampton’s. Alex knew of B.Smith and her illness, because of how well known B’s restaurant was in the area.

Dan posts the trio on social media daily, and it seems as if they all get along. This may be due to B.Smith’s resetting memory that happens every few minutes. Trust me it is hard to take care of a person with Alzheimer’s , but it’s easier to employ a professional, and not your mistress especially when you are rich. He moved her into B. Smith’s home. Her daughter seems to be cool with it. Maybe B. said to him do you. Old school women are built different.

What goes around come around, and he isn’t a young chicken himself. The internet of course is dragging him to blue eyed devil hell and back.

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