Blac Chyna Puts Hands & Feet On Her Bae Of The Week Kid Buu In Hawaii! Cops Called!

Blac Chyna
Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna and her new bae of the month had the cops called on the while vacationing in Hawaii. Her new dude’s name is Kid Buu , and word is things got real hands and feet upside the head.

According to TMZ reports:

We’re told at around 5 AM, Chyna and Kid Buu were in their hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton in Honolulu when they got in a heated argument. We’re told Chyna accused Kid Buu of cheating, and just before 7 AM it turned violent.

We’re told Chyna scratched Kid Buu, and our sources say he then slammed her against the wall several times and choked her. 

Kid Buu left the hotel and posted in Spanish … translation — “Don’t f**k with me, I’m a grown man.” He followed it up with a homophobic slur.

You on vacation in paradise, but still in hell! How does that work? Any way PEOPLE confirmed that police and paramedics responded to the Ritz-Carlton Residences in Honolulu, Hawaii, on Monday morning after police were called following the altercation between Chyna, 30, and “rap artist” Kid Buu in a hotel suite.

“Someone from their group called 911. Hotel security escorted police officers and paramedics to a suite, where Blac Chyna was with a group of people,” the source says.

“It was more of a ‘he said, she said’ situation. They both had complaints to the police, but in the end no one was arrested or taken to the hospital,” the source shares.

According to the source, Chyna and Kid Buu, 30, “were both intoxicated.”

“Again, this is not a typical incident at the hotel,” says the source. “In fact, this behavior is 100% unacceptable. To the hotel but Chyna is about that fight night life. Isnt she tired of this type of drama by now. Just last week or so she was fighting Alexis Skyy over Rob Kardashian . 

Speaking of big man Rob he claims Chyna went m.i.a when he was supposed to drop their daughter Dream off. She skipped out Mommy time with little Dreamy to go catch fade with her latin lover of the day.

The two dont get along, so the drop offs are handled through their nannies. Must be nice, but anyway once Rob disproved that she was off the radar he used a texting app the co-parents use in case of emergency .

TMZ sources say Rob was not given any type of warning Chyna would be unavailable to care for Dream, and he was pissed … not because he had to care for their kid longer, but because she was missing crucial Mommy time.

According to PEOPLE:

“Blac Chyna spent Sunday with a group of friends. They hung out by the pool, partied and were loud. They are not the typical hotel guests,” the source said.

“They were definitely being inappropriate in several ways. The girls were showing nipples, they were twerking and just being obnoxious. Hotel management had complaints, because there were families with kids that didn’t like the way they behaved,” said the source. “You would never think Chyna is a mom by the way she behaved.”

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