Bobby Shmurda Is Coming Back 2020,But What About Rowdy Rebel?

Bobby Shmurda, Rihanna

Bobby Schmurda is coming home next year, but what about Rowdy Rebel? Bobby’s family confirmed that he will be back in 2020! Alot of people are asking about Rowdy , Bobby’s co defendant . If you remember Bobby and Rowdy spilt their time, and everybody gave Bobby respect for standing tall when he could’ve folded like a lawn chair. Rapped Out.

We checked Rowdy Rebel’s social media accounts , but we didn’t see any current updates on his social media. All there is in regards to his sentence is his contact in for below:

Happy to hear that Bobby is coming back home. “You got see my black a$$ in front yo house” ,but I cant wait to see the Shmurda game come back ,and get back to business. Come see me for PR and street promo. Shmurda Gang! Might as well shoot my shot! Rapped Out!

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