Update: Jussie Refuses To Turn Over His Phone !Police Identify Jussie Smollet Attackers BUT Is He Lying About His Attack? We think so!

Jussie Smollet Attackers Surveillance

Update Via theybf.com

We’ve confirmed with law enforcement sources that Smollett refused to turn his cellphone over to authorities after telling them he was on the phone with his manager during the incident.

New surveillance of Jussie Smollet’s attackers have been found, and reportedly he is healing and in full recovery. But some things aren’s adding up. Here at rapped out we do our research, and report what our findings here is why we think some things Jussie is saying isnt adding up. He said he was leaving Subway when the attack happened .

He was tryna get a footlong, but not from Subway.

Now hear us out:

  • The “Empire” actor reported that this occurred after leaving a Subway restaurant in Chicago. On the 911 call made by his “friend” they claim they were outside of his apartment.
  • Subway in Chicago closes at 9pm so what Subway was he at?
  • The attack occurred in the early morning hours. 2am in Chicago? You were at Subway at 2am in CHICAGO! Nah mane.
  • The Chicago P.D. reportedly said Jussie Smollet did NOT mention MAGA until after he filled the report.
  • The two men had enough time to pour bleach and tie a noose while fracturing his rib while his “friend” just stood there and called 911?
  • The temperature in the WINDY ass city of Chicago at 2am during Winter is nothing to play with, That night was -26 degrees.
  • His sandwich would have been a brick it was -26 degress.
  • Why didn’t his friend try to stop them? I mean damn.
  • Where is the bleach and noose in the surveillance video?
  • Why doesn’t he have any skin burns after having bleach poured on him in -26 degree weather?
  • Jussie was at Subway at 2am, and nobody recorded him? He is a star.
  • He still had the noose around his neck when he went to the cops allegedly. What black man keeps a noose around his neck?
  • When asked where it occurred he didn’t know.
  • Who is gay bashing in -26 degree weather at 2am in Chicago?

Honestly what this sound like in my opinion is Jussie and his “friend” were meeting up with some guys from one of those gay dating sites like grinder, and instead they came across two robbers and/or gay bashers. Alot of homosexual men get set up on these site in hopes of meeting up with another gay guy for sex.

By no means am I saying Jussie deserved this I’m just pointing out that some of the things he is saying is NOT matching up.

Here how Jussie is doing so far. He has a cut under his eye. If proven wrong we will 100% retract and apologize. See his pic below chatting it up on Face Time with his boss Lee Daniels.

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