Cardi B Curses Out PNB Rock’s Friend Young Honcho Over Gay Hair Stylist Tokyo Stylez & BRIM Sh%T!

Star BRIM, Cardi B

According to Emperssive TV on youtube Cardi B got into a social media fight a few days ago with PNB Rock’s friend Young Honcho over her celebrity hairstylist Tokyo Stylez that turned into a whole lot of BRIM shit.

Apparently Young Honcho who is associates with PNB Rock took to Instagram to ask if Cardi B’s celeb hairstylist to the stars Tokyo Stylez was a man or woman after Tokyo liked multiple pics of him. He was uncomfortable with Tokyo liking alot of his pics, so he proceeded to block him.

Tokyo Stylez

Young Honcho actually dated Cardi B’s best friend Star Brim who is locked up for scamming in New York.

Star Brim

According to BRIM gang member Young Honcho he was told by “Sis” aka Cardi B to chill. Cardi B in Cardi B fashion of course directly came at the BLOOD gang member’s throat . She proceeded to say how he “faked the dms”, and Young Honcho asked her to tell Star to write him, but Star apparently doesn’t know who he is. Oh and also he is DL ( down low gay).

Young Honcho go hot hot, and proceeded to say on Instagram Live how she needs to stop claiming BLOODS, and she actually follows him. How PNB Rock name got into this well who knows, but he is his friend so there you go.

Rapped Out

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