Jussie Smollet Sources Update On Refusing To Give Up His Phone, Noose, & MAGA Hats! Is He Lying?

According to TMZ.Com Jussie Smollett sources say he didn’t refuse to hand over phone records to cops. The Empire star just didn’t want to turn over his phone.

Oh so it’s like that Drake quote “I wasn’t hiding my phone from the cops, but the cops from my……nvm . Rapped out!

Smollet sources say the cops “informally asked” Jussie if he would surrender his phone. They wanted to verify the LGBTQ actor was actually talking to his manager on his cell when he was attacked.

Allegedly they say Jussie Smollet felt “uncomfortable” handing over his phone and said no. They insist he was never asked any phone records. A Chicago police official had said Jussie had refused to turn over both the phone and records.

According to sources he has no problem with handing over his phone records, and is trying to gather them now. There are some reports that Jusise said the assailants were wearing MAGA hats, but he insists that he said they screamed “MAGA Country”.

The Chicago P.D. reported that Jussie made no mention of MAGA until AFTER the report was filled.

Lastly there are reports that Jussie still had the noose around his neck long after the incident occurred. Even while being treated at the hospital.

Sources are saying that is false. He did have the rope around his neck when cops arrived at his building 42 minutes after the incident. The sources say he kept it there to “preserve the evidence.

The fact that you went out to get Subway in -26 degree weather in Chicago when we have Uber Eats in 2019 just baffles me.

I still think things aren’t adding up, and someone is lying.

Heres why we think so click here

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