Nicki Minaj Takes Shots At Drake In “Hard White” Video!

 photo nickihardwhite3.png
Cardi B “Hard White”

Nicki Minaj gets spooky with her new video “Hard White” off her latest album “Queen”. The Barbie rapper paints and cryptic picture with dark imagery, and ashy looking demonic figures. But what has everyone interested is her imagery of a broken down Scorpion.

 photo nickigoodform1.png
Hard White

If you recall Drake album is tilted “Scorpion” ,and Nicki Minaj was heated when Spotify over promoted Drizzy, but left her high and dry. According to Nicki the music online streaming service wanted to “teach her a lesson for uploading her album 10 minutes early”

 photo nickihardwork2.png

Nicki Minaj also comes at the Grammy Awards for snubbing her album “Queen” with the image of one of those old school music players.

She also references dead crows , which is a shot at deaded beef like Cardi B, and Remy Ma.

Another subliminal is the crowd of people yelling at her castle, basically the hater, blogs, and social media.

I think Nicki Minaj has no problem with playing the bad guy, and wants allllll the smoke. Im just glad she left Meek Mill shade out of the video. Rapped Out.

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