FBI Investigating “Empire” Mail After Jussie Smollett Attack+ Cops Wants To Talk To Jussie Again!

Photo by Getty Images

The FBI is screening Fox’s Empire show starring Jussie Smollett who plays Jamal Lyons on the music industry inspired show. As previously reported Jussie was a victim of an alleged hate crime in Chicago at 2am in -26 degree weather after leaving Subway!

Prior to the attack that according to Jussie involved a noose around his neck, and bleach poured on him, he received a threatening letter. The letter contained hate terms, and images of a noose.

The letter believed to be associated w/ the attack

According to show sources they receive hate mail on a daily basis due to the show’s boundary pushing nature . After the attack the show has hired extra security, and the FBI is on high alert. The private security is doing sweeps during filming to ensure the safety of the cast. The producers even hired two extra makeup artists to ensure you can’t see Jussie’s scratches and bruises under his eye.

Jussie on Face Time w/ Lee Daniels

Two make up artists?

Jussie Smollett just performed in Los Angeles after the attack, and proclaimed hisself “ the gay Tupac”. Jussie is now back home in Chicago, but the Chicago Police Department would like to talk to him again. Reports of Jussie not wanting to turn over his phone also came out amongst many people questioning the validity of his story.

Here is why we think Jussie story isn’t quite adding up. Again this attack is unfortunate, but we think he is leaving so important details out.

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