Gucci Apologizes For Black Face Sweater Dropped During Black History Month!

Gucci BalaClava Sweter $890

Black skin literally and red lips remind Black people of time when White people would mock Blacks openly. Like they still do now. Gucci released their BalaClava sweater which retails for $890 during Black History Month!

The sweater has bright red lips and covers half of the models face. Gucci is an Italian based designer , and has been accused of racism against their most influential consumer ( African Americans) for years. For years rappers and designers like Dapper Dan have made Gucci a household name.

Im not the least bit surprised because European designers are some of the most racist, so this is fitting.

The Italian company released a statement Wednesday via Twitter saying it “deeply apologizes for the offense caused.”

“We are fully committed to increasing diversity throughout our organization and turning this incident into a powerful learning moment for the Gucci team and beyond.”

Of course people took to social media to vent about the luxury brand that clearly does not care about Black people. I highly doubt rappers will stop wearing the brand, and drug dealers all over are flipping backs in hopes of getting this very sweater. Too lat tho they pulled it. Maybe we can star supporting black owned brands like Milano Di Rouge, Bannister’s Peru, L’Revere, Diafora, and more.

Rapped Out

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