6ix9ine Baby Mom Sara Says Tekashi’s Abused Her, Had Mutiple STD’s ,& Side Chick Abortions!

Tekashi 6ix9ine baby mom and ex girlfriend Sara Molina talked with Daily Beast about her failed relationship with “Snitchnine”. Sara was just put on blast by the FEDS via wire tap. Shotti , 6ix9ine’s manager, and co defendant was having sex with Sara when 6ix9ine was arrested for 9 counts including racketeering .

I guess she is trying to give her side of the story while she survives out here in these streets after her ex 6ix9ine snitched on his hired tigger man in the Chief Keef shooting Kooda B.

Sara claims that their relationship ended only a few weeks before he was arrested after he cheated on her with Jade(the bartender allegedly assaulted in Cardi B’s case). Tekashi claimed that the relationship was a diversion so the feds and his rival gang members wouldn’t harass her at the hotel he made her stay in after kicking her out of their home.

Tekashi was running around with two chicks who he said he wanted to make his polygamous “life partners.” Molina said that after she told him she was upset about it, 6ix9ine kicked she and their daughter out of the apartment that they shared with his mother at 2 a.m. Actually Tekashi told his mom to tell them to get out.

Wow his mom is Minnie Mouse huh?

Here is a outline of the interview :

On abuse in Dubai:

Sara claims that after getting off a 14-hour flight from NYC to Dubai, Tekashi was there in a hotel waiting to question her about a text he saw on her phone. He then taunted her by admitting to sleeping with more than 70 other women in the past year of their relationship , which resulted in multiple pregnancies. Damn dude even ratted on himself. Sara also said “Snitch9ine” told her he had acquired multiple STDs.

After the the Mickey Mouse rapper “failed” to get her to admit to cheating, he began to assault her. Sara said the assault lasted for two hours, resulting in black eyes.

“I tried to cover my face with makeup and I couldn’t,” she said. “Nothing was working. I didn’t bring makeup on my trip to cover up black-and-blue. He told me, ‘Tell me what you need. I’ll go to the mall and get it.’”

6ix9ine wouldn’t let her leave their hotel room with two black eyes, she says the rat actually forced her to have sex after he beat the brakes off her.

Sara says Tekashi beat in her face in front of his manager after she found out he allegedly got some girl pregnant:

 They were in the car when Molina had the temerity to speak about a young woman who had called her saying she was pregnant with Tekashi’s child.

Molina said the manager, Shotti, had offered the woman $30,000 of his own money, but she had declined, saying she was not interested in cash but in being with Tekashi. The young woman sent Molina a photo of her and Tekashi together lest anyone doubt her.

Molina said their daughter, then 2, began screaming and crying when Tekashi started beating her in the car. Shotti, by her account, pulled Tekashi off her and demanded, “Are you crazy?”

As Molina tells it, she was unable to return home to her family with a battered face if she wanted to avoid igniting an uproar. She and her daughter instead moved in with Tekashi and his mother in an apartment in Crown Heights in Brooklyn

I believe Sara she was with he man for 7 years, and he already showed his character , so it’s not hard to believe her story. Read the full interview here Rapped Out!

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