NBC News Anchor Witnessed B.Smith’s Husbands Side Chick Smack Her Hand!

B. Smith and her family grapple with Alzheimer's.

As previously reported lifestyle guru, and entrepreneur B.Smith ( who now has Alzheimer’s disease ) husband Dan Gatsby has moved in his white girlfriend into their home to help take care of her. Instead of paying for a home health aid or nurse he thought he move in his new piece of ass to take care of his wife of 30 years plus.

B.Smith’s longtime friend ,Paul Wharton,( an ABC News anchor) revealed information about restaurateur B. Smith and her husband, Dan Gasby, on ABC’s Good Morning Washington on Wednesday. He discussed an incident he witnessed while in Smith’s home when Lerner (the girlfriend) “chastised” B. Smith by smacking her hand.

Paul stepped in and defended his friend by saying “And I grabbed Alex’s hand, and I said, ‘Alex, you know you really can’t do that,’” Wharton recalled. Now I’m ready to catch a fade after hearing that!

This girlfriend is a little too hands on because according to Wharton he said he saw Lerner “slap the heck out of Dan” after he said that Smith was the kindest, sweetest woman he’d ever met.

Bish You MAD MAD or NAH?!

Reportedly she kept nagging Dan about it saying, 

“I’m sitting here, and you’re saying that B is the kindest, sweetest woman you ever met?”

Uh bish did he stutter? I mean she must be nice for you to still be living in her house! Its so disrespectful to bring this woman in B.Smith’s home. His duty if to uphold her in a manner that she would approve. B.Smith would never approve of this, and Black women across the world are looking for their vaseline, and scarf to whoop some ass. B’s daughter is just as dippy as her father, and says that everyone saying otherwise is a “hater”. The daughter just don’t want to deal with her mother, or cut off from her mother’s empire now controlled by her greedy husband.

He better hope Becky don’t move in Tyrone when he gets sick.

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