G.O.O.D. Music & BAD Business: Malik Yusef Says He Didn’t Forge Kanye West’s Signature!

ASCAP 2017 Rhythm & Soul Music Awards - Red Carpet
Malik Yusef

Malik Yusef, G.O.O.D. Music associate allegedly committed fraud forging rapper Kanye West’s signature, which resulted in $900,000 for a performance that was NEVER going to happen!

 TMZ.Com caught up with Yusef , and he went on to say that Yeezy himself told him get the performance funded! Malik claims that he intended to send the money back to investors once he felt like Kanye wasn’t actually going to perform. 

Yusef insists that he never forged Kanye’s signature, but he used a stamp.

Malik Yusef has released a statement trying to clear his name, and keep him out of prison! Here what he had to say below:

“Me and Kanye we got a foundation together. This has been in the works, this started last February. Ain’t no forgery, dog,” he said. “We have a foundation together. I ain’t never took nothing from Kanye, not even his name. Barely take his f***ing advice.”

Kanye West hasn’t said anything about the incident, but in the documents obtained by TMZ, a signature for both Yusef and West were present. Malik is pissed that his partner Kanye West hasn’t said shit since he is usually very vocal about EVERYTHING else!

This is what the G.O.O.D. music associate had to say on twitter:

I know 4 a fact that @Kanyewest is aware of this,and sum1 very,very close 2 him leaked out this fake story,+Im upset + hurt that Im fighting a media onslaught by my lonesome,and OF COURSE I did none of the bullshit as y’all NOW KNOW,but his silence is deafening #KTSE

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