21 Savage To Be Released Out On Bond After Being Detained By Ice!

21 Savage who has been detained by ICE after being arrested during Super Bowl weekend while in Atlanta due to an expired work visa in 2006 will be been released on bond pending a deportation hearing .

Prior ICE refused to offer bond even though many illegal immigrants who have expired work visas are allowed to post bail as long as they are not a threat to their community.

Jay-Z and Roc Nation hired Alex Shipero to help with 21 Savages’ case and we see he helped get the job done. Previous to being detained 21 Savage applied for a U Visa which requires immigrants victims of crimes work corporate with authorities in prosecuting criminal activity .

The A Lot rapper was arrested after hitting a marked police car, along with his cousin Young Nudy and two other men. A gun was found in the car along with a liquid substance that many believe to be lean. 21 Savages legal team insist that it was NOT his.

His attorneys say 21 was granted an expedited hearing. 

Celebrites have been rallying for 21 Savage Check out the campaign below:

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