Cardi B On Set Of BlueFace Thotiana Remix + DJ Khaled New Collab After BET Nicki Minaj Grammy Drama!

Image result for cardi b blueface

Cardi B jumped on Blueface’s Thotiana Remix , and was spotted twerking on top of a Brimmed out car.Cardi just won Best Rap Album, and she already has two music videos filmed and under her belt. She was also spotted with DJ Khaled working on his new collar and music video.

This comes after the Love and Hip Hop star deleted her Instagram account due to the shady tweet BET network dragged her into. Nicki Minaj was disrespected by the “black owned ” channel when they tweeted that Cardi B was dragging Nicki Minaj by her lace front.

Various other things being said about Cardi B Grammy win also reportedly frustrated the Bodak Yellow rapper. Say what you want but you cant say Cardi B doesn’t work her ass off!

Peep it below:

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