Ciara Drops New Video ” Greatest Love”+ Future Skips Grammy Party Because Russell Wilson & Cici Were There!

 photo Ciara Greatest Love_zpswhgpw8tp.jpg

Ciara just dropped a new music video for her song “Greatest Love” just after her husband Russell Wilson brought the masters to her catalog and gifted them to her. The masters to music catalogs are basically ownership, and if someone ones a percentage of it they get paid for your work. If some samples it, uses your music for a commercial or mover etc.

Check out her new video below ,and find out why Future skipped a party her and her husband were in attendance at:

 photo futureciaragrammy1.png
Future and His Mama

Now on to Future (pictured below with his mama) was booked to perform at Clive Davis’ Grammy party, but cancelled at the very last minute. The streets are saying it was because Cici and Papa Russ were sitting front row. Future recently went on record saying Russell Wilson does EXACTLY what Ciara tells him to do.

 photo pregrammy1.png
Ciara and Russell Wilson At Clive Davis Grammy Party

Some sources claim the show running was over an hour behind schedule, and Future would’ve forced The WIZRD rapper to shorten his set. Future claims he had no idea the couple was there.

Future and Ciara share a son named Future, and their co parenting has been off to a rocky start. Ciara moved on, and Future got 2 women pregnant since then.

TMZ reports:

Eyewitnesses at Clive’s Beverly Hilton bash Saturday night — which was a who’s who of Hollywood event ahead of Sunday’s award show — confirm Future was booked to perform, but hightailed it when his team realized his ex-fiancee and her new hubby were in the front row.

Our sources — who were present during the exchange — say someone in Future’s camp accused the event organizers of being “messy” by having Ciara and Russ there, and said their guy wouldn’t perform. We’re told Future was briefed about it outside, and then dipped.

HollywoodLife first reported Future’s departure. Now, there’s another side to this story — sources close to Future tell us he didn’t bail because of Ciara or RW.

Our Future sources say the show was behind schedule by nearly an hour, and he and his team were instructed to shorten his performance significantly, which, we’re told, Future wasn’t down with. We’re told he had no idea Ciara or Russ was there.

What y’all think? Rapped Out

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