NBA Young Boy Had His Girl Beat Up Hotel Housekeeping Staff!

NBA Young Boy’s Mug Shot

NBA Young Boy is in trouble with the law….again. The Never Broke again rapper was arrested in an Atlanta Hotel along with a female accomplice Starr Thigpen at the Hyatt House. Atlanta police is NOT playing with these rappers this is like the 4th celeb arrest this week.

 NBA YoungBoy, was arrested Monday afternoon with his girl Star for disorderly conduct ,and charged with marijuana possession involving less than an ounce. According to the hotel’ housekeeping staff she had entered the room thinking that it was unoccupied, and that’s when she realized they were still there.

NBA Young Boy was upset that housekeeping had entered their room, so he told Star to get them out. That’s when Star struck the housekeeper in the face, and a fight then broke out into the hallway. Oh she riding riding, or just crazy crazy. Star is believed to be his baby moms.

Peep her mug shot below:

Star Thigpen mug shot

NBA Young Boy is expecting his fourth child with Jania and he is only 19 years young.

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