21 Savage First Interview After ICE Detainment W/ Good Morning America!

21 Savage hit up Good Morning America to all about his time in ICE detainment, and his pending deportation case. 21 Savage had been held at the Irwin County Detention Center in Ocilla. While there he met a 77 year old man that he says he would like to pay for him to go into a retirement home.

21 Savage spent 9 days in detention, and is blessed because some stay for months. Roc Nation and Jay -Z hired Alex Spiro, and since then his felony gun charge was dropped.

Here’s a preview of the interview:

LINSEY DAVIS: What happened?

21 SAVAGE: I don’t even know. I was just driving and I just seen guns and blue lights. Then, I was in the back of a car and I was gone.

LINSEY DAVIS: They tell you you’re under arrest?

21 SAVAGE: No, they didn’t. They didn’t say nothing. They just said, ‘We got Savage.’

LINSEY DAVIS: Sounds like this was potentially something they set out to do … that this would have been targeted?

21 SAVAGE: It was definitely targeted. There was helicopters.

No time or date on when this will air, but we will keep you updated.

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