21 Savage Released From ICED Detainment! Takes A Jet Home!

21 Savage & his Mom

21 Savage was granted bond and posted $100,000, so he can be a free man. As we been previously reporting 21 Savage was arrested, and detained by ICE for an expired work Visa stemming from 2006. Savage is originally from the United Kingdom. His father is from St.Vincent, and his mother from Dominica.

ICE usually allows for immigrants to post bail as long as they aren’t a rick to their community, and it took them 2 weeks to do so. 21 Savage did have a record, but it was expunged.

His family moved to Atlanta in 2006, and from there is was history. Unfortunately 21 Savage brother was murder, and 21 shot, but it makes hime eligible for a U Visa, which he applied for prior to his arrest. A U Visa requires non citizens who are victims of crimes to corporate with authorities in the persecution of criminal activity.

Tia Smith, one of his immigration attorneys, addressed his release in a statement to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and WSB-TV.

“He is pleased with the outcome and his family is elated, of course, that he is returning home after days of stress and uncertainty,” she said.

“That’s how we take people home when they win,” Alex Spiro, another member of 21’s legal team, told TMZ.

21 Savage hasn’t won just yet because he still has a pending deportation case.

Welcome home 21. Rapped out!

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