Soulja Boy & Blac Chyna Dating? Blac Chynnaaa?Spotted at 7 Grammy Parties Together!

 photo blacsoulja1.png
Blac Chyna, Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy and Blac Chynaaaaaaaa? Yes Soulja Boy and Blac Chyna are now a thing….or attest thats what they want us to think. Soulja Boy has definitely moved on from Nia Riley, and Chyna has left her boo Kid Buu in the dust.

Supposedly sources say Blac Chyna slid into Soulja’s DM’s, and they met up at Sean Kingston’s penthouse. I more surprised Sean Kingston can still afford a penthouse, but the new couple has been “dating” for a week.

So she should be pregnant by Draco next weekend.

The Porn Hub singer , and Soulja Console hustler were spotted at several Grammy Weekend parties together. Soulja even gave them a “couple name” DracoChyna. Weird flex ,but ok.

 photo blacsoulja2.png
Blac Chyna On Soulja Boy Instagram Story

Then they uploaded on their stories that they were out getting manicures and pedicures together.

Chyna was just uh I guess “dating” Kid Buu who was arrested for child abuse prior to meeting Chyna. We also reported that Chy and Buu broke up after they got into a nasty fight that turned physical while vacationing in Hawaii. It was reported Chyna “scratched Kid Buu” and “he then slammed her against the wall several times and choked her.” 

Chyna of course took to Instagram to vent about her mom Tokyo Toni claims that Rob Kardashian, and Tyga should have custody while she “gets herself together”. Meek Mill somehow ended up in the comments with the laughing emojis.

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