6ix9ine Plea Deal Revealed Shorter Sentence & Witness Protection Offered+His Baby Mom Sara Says He’s Coming Home Soon!


6ix9ine is singing like a bird, but it has proven to be very beneficial to him because his 47 year bid is looking a lot lighter. The “Stoopid” rapper’s plea deal had become public, and it reveals that authorities are offering less time, and witness protection for when he is out.

As previously reported 6ix9ine has been cooperating with authorities, and telling the FEDS about various crimes that they are taking off the books. So some of the various crimes he was facing he is now not going to be charged with. Tekashi 6ix9ine was facing a minimum of 47 years in prison ! He also risked spending a maximum of life behind bars after pleading guilty to racketeering, conspiracy, firearms offenses, narcotics trafficking and other crimes.

Shooti and Sara Molina

As previously reported 6ix9ine ratted on his Nine Trey Way Blood Gang associate, Kintea “Kooda B” McKenzie, who he paid to murder Chief Keef. In 6ix9ine’s guilty plea he talks about talks Chief Keef shooting incident , and how he “paid a person to shoot at a rival member of Nine Trey to scare him.” In other court documents, 6ix9ine says he offered $20,000 (though the fee was later cut in half), to McKenzie. Tekashi 6ix9ine also says that in 2017, “I and others agreed to sell one kilogram of heroin” in Bushwick. 

His former manager Shooti (who was sleeping with 6ix9ine’s baby mom) was reportedly worried that Tekashi was going to snitch on him as well. It’s probably safe to say that the rainbow rapper told on him because according to Sara Molina her baby father is getting out soon.

Sara Molina hit up Vlad TV, and read thru 6ix9ine plea transcript . As she reads through the transcripts of Tekashi’s plea deal, she says that he basically is going to be able to walk away as long as he helps convict his co-defendants.

Sara Molina On Vlad TV

Sara says she’s doing better than people think she is, and she is glad that their three year old daughter is too young to know what is going on . Sara was previously on Instagram Live talking about how she can come back from being a hoe, but Danny can’t come back from ratting.

Do you agree? Rapped Out!

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